(sanskr. "Eternal Spirituality")

Spiritual Master Shri Prakash Ji

Nations of the world speak different tongues. Nations of the world use different words to name the same objects of the material world: the English say “table”, the Lithuanians – “stalas”, the Russians – “стол”, etc. Words are different, but the object stays the same. Distinct names, images and shapes also exist in the spiritual world. “Soul” (En.), “siela” (Lith.), “душа” (Rus.) is the same concept, perceived and defined equally by all the nations even though it is represented by different words. Similarly, the same idea of the one concept and separate names applies when we talk about God: Jesus Christ, Krishna, Allah, Buddha, Narayana etc. Nevertheless, the mighty power maintaining the entity and harmony of the world is still the same, just named and addressed differently. Still, the underlying essence in both material and spiritual worlds stays the same despite the external and perceptual discrepancies or inequalities determined by the name or its sound.

Sanatana-dharma – the oldest system of spiritual knowledge known to mankind speaks us of common underlying spiritual essence. Sanatana-dharma encompasses general spiritual virtues, knowledge and practice that underlie a noble, healthy, beautiful and joyful life. This knowledge constitutes a moral base of any culture, irrespective of the different countries, nationalities or religions.

Spiritual Teachers or Sadgurus (true Teacher in Sanskrit) have passed spiritual knowledge, have taught the essentials of spirituality and spiritual practice since long-ago. They are sublime souls, who have united with God and fully perceived the laws of the whole creation. They have come to this world because of the deep love for the people in order to spread love and faith, to help people in whatever they need.

We are very fortunate – we have a genuine source of the ancient wisdom. Spritual Master Shri Prakash Ji passes us the knowledge of sanatana-dharma. He speaks us of things that unite people regardless the differences in national traditions, spiritual beliefs or general attitudes. This is the essence of sanatana-dharma.


26-28 December in Vilnius Centre of Spiritual Culture "Shri Prakash Dham"
The programme includes events such as Dipavali Festival, satsang, several days of individual meetings, as well as two evenings of guided meditation.
9 July, approximate start 8.45 London time